A Child’s Life in China

Foreigner, walking into teach a 1-1 seeing the depressed child staring at her book, couldn’t imagine what he was about to hear, and then to realise that this isn’t an odd lifestyle, nor helped by any part of the community. With an overall view that teachers shouldn’t worry about the welfare of fellow students as that wouldn’t be professional.
First 15 minutes of questions were muffled by her turning away to look at the ground. No reaction and barely any human resemblance apart from the constant fidgiting of hoody strings or the replacement of her books, he began to asked what the matter was. Her spare time (chose ‘spare’ as one cannot compare this time to ‘free’ at all) consists of 15 minutes of computer time a day, enough to finish 1 movie a week, nothing more. Eyes and soul drained from endless hours infront of study time, waking up to another day of 10 hours at school, returning home and forced to bare the burden of 5 hours of homework and another grueling couple for study, finding 15 minutes of comfort in spells and magic in a fantasy land, a 13 year old girl who just started to watch the harry potter series.
Dad a government official, when mentioned it was met with clenched fists and the tone of vengeance, “that man always stinks of alcohol, everynight he goes to the bbq with friends, drinks, drives, passes out.” He doesn’t eat at home and the relationship with his one and only gift is similar to that of a dictator. The mother is the head of nurses committee at a hospital often won’t be at home either. If she were it would mean the child wouldn’t have to eat instant noodles for dinner… everynight.
Do you get any pocket money? “they give me about $3 a week,” from parents who would be very rich even compared to families in NZ. So what do you spend that on? “like things I need. Water.”

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